About Troll Boy

[TW: mention of violent crimes in penultimate paragraph]

For about four years starting in 2009-ish, a noxious arsehole behaving like a teenage boy obsessively harassed me on twitter using hundreds of sockpuppet accounts. I dubbed him Troll Boy. After a period of quiescence, he restarted on Christmas Day 2015, with unsolicited emails to my personal email address. They were promptly filed for evidentiary purposes.

His pattern is odd: in irregular bursts, he abuses me directly and in mentions to some of my correspondents on twitter. So I advise my twitter friends as follows:-

  1. If some guy you have never heard of with a fake-sounding name and very few followers suddenly trenchantly criticizes/insults/slanders me out of left field in a mention to you, it is probably Troll Boy.
  2. Ignore him. He feels entitled to our attention, and it is best that he does not get it.
  3. If you have time, report his account for spam or abuse.
  4. If you know a private detective specializing in tracking down internet harassers, I would appreciate a referral.

His tweets and emails indicate that his thinking is disordered (in the technical sense) and that he obsessively tracks all available online information about me. He couches his potshots in terms of grandiose criticisms of my behaviour. He never offers original insight or worthy conversation, only harassment.

One very important thing he repeatedly fails to grasp is that his opinion of me could not possibly matter any less. His potshots no longer bother me directly because I am a stronger person. But the problem remains of nuisance value to affected correspondents of mine. In this sense, I am sorry if you got caught in the crossfire.

Please do not be concerned for my bodily safety. So far Troll Boy has not threatened me with physical violence or shown up where I work or live. If he does escalate, I know what to do. In the past I have survived r**e, st*lking, multiple ass**lts, and d**th threats. I have taken self-defence classes, my cellphone is always on my person, and I know how to talk to 911 dispatchers.

Troll Boy needs to get a better hobby. From his tweets/emails, it sounds like he should also seek professional help. It is a sad and small man indeed who obtains measurable life fulfilment from emotionally abusing people online for shits and giggles.

[a comical cartoon depicting me as a superhero flying high above and Troll Boy as a devil peanut on the floor]