A.W. Peet's personal contact details

The contact details below are for people I might want to hear from about non-academic matters. For academic matters, please refer to this page instead.

Who gets priority

Who gets ignored

How I respond

♿️ Note: I answer personal emails intermittently, when lulls in my job activity allow. Long-term chronic pain (from sports injuries) means that typing more than a few sentences is expensive for me, whereas talking in-person or via audio/video is cheap. Please bear this mind when requesting some of my personal time for discussing matters of common interest. Please also know that I will do my best to honour your communication constraints as well.

No-harassment policy

I do not tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind. If it occurs, I block, blacklist, and report the aggressor to pertinent authorities.

Here are three egregious examples of unsolicited communications from strangers.

Contact details

+1 416 561 0579
1800-2100h Mon-Fri or 1200-2100h Sat-Sun