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What I offer here

Contact details
How to get my name and pronouns right
Termtime schedule outline
About Prof. Peet
Research interests - layperson overview (see also: this Nature article and this Quanta magazine article by George Musser)
Discover magazine article on fuzzballs
Graduate Jamboree presentation for incoming graduate students
I am on sabbatical from 2021-07-01 to 2022-06-30 and will not be teaching (a) regular courses or (b) reading courses for undergraduates.
Advice generalities
Advice for school kids wanting email help with a science project
Advice for high schoolers/undergrads aspiring to be string theorists
Advice for undergrads seeking research opportunities in my lab
Advice for prospective string theory PhD students
Advice for students with offers of graduate admission from us
Recommended non-physics reading for grad students
A very brief introduction to string theory
Slides and YouTube video of 2015 public lecture
News media appearances
Inclusion work
Academic decency
Being transgender
Being disabled
Being Kiwi
A bit about Toronto
Putting LaTeX equations in webpages