How to get my name and pronouns right

Hi. I am a nonbinary transgender person. Under section 7.4 of the Ontario Human Rights Code policy on preventing discrimination because of gender identity and gender expression, I have the right to be known by my self-identified name and my proper personal pronouns. I am requesting that you respect this civil right.

  1. My first name is A.W., pronounced eh-double-you. Please use this in all situations that do not require my full legal name.
  2. My 3rd person pronouns are they/them/their/themself. The singular they is not a neologism: according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it has been in use since 1375, e.g. by Chaucer and Shakespeare. If you feel unsure about what verbs to use with the singular they, just use whatever verbs you would use with the singular you. Examples:-
    1st person singularImemymyself
    1st person pluralweusourourselves
    2nd person singularyouyouyouryourself
    2nd person pluralyouyouyouryourselves
    3rd person singulartheythemtheirthemself
    3rd person pluraltheythemtheirthemselves
  3. I do not like honorifics. But if you must use one, my honorific is Prof. or Dr.. Another gender neutral option is Mx., pronounced mix, which is more commonly used in the UK than in North America.

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