[Toronto skyline from vantage of Ward's Island, Toronto harbour]

A.W. Peet's contact details

Greetings, Earthling. I work as a Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto (UofT) in the province of Ontario in Canada. I also have non-physics and non-university interests and a private life. To improve efficiency, I use different communication channels for different types of activities.

Choosing the right communication channel

There are three broad categories of people who try to contact me in an average year. Please look at all three lists below and then pick the one that best describes you.

1. Students, research/university colleagues, and journalists
Currently enrolled UofT students, especially those taking physics courses I teach.
Academic physics researchers, especially those in my field.
Journalists seeking input on physics-related stories or other academic matters.
Prospective UofT students, especially those interested in physics.
Alumni of UofT (or my almae matres) interested in (re)connecting.
Laypeople of any age interested in becoming a physicist.
Scholars working to co-imagine and co-create a genuinely inclusive, pluralistic university.
Organizers inviting me to speak to their group on the basis of my academic expertise and/or lived experience.
2. Comrades and potential friends
Trans/nonbinary/queer/disabled/autistic people seeking solidarity.
Fellow progressives interested in building a friendship.
People building community through mutual aid networks.
3. Others
Anyone acting in bad faith.
Anyone making a commercial solicitation.
Anyone angling to be my physics groupie.
Anyone expecting custom tutoring on demand.
Anyone feeling entitled to my romantic/sexual attention.
Anyone itching to criticize my trans human rights activism.
Anyone wanting to punish me or get me fired for my political beliefs.

1. For students, research/university colleagues, and journalists

Prof. A.W. Peet
Department of Physics
University of Toronto
60 St. George Street
Toronto   ON
Canada   M5S 1A7
(briefly describe what you want and when in the subject line)
+1 416 978 3911
(0900-1800h Mon-Fri, 0900-2100h Mon-Sun if urgent)

2. For comrades and potential friends

(briefly describe what you want and when in the subject line)

Note: I answer personal emails intermittently, when my health and lulls in job activity allow.

3. For others

I do not want to hear from you. Thanks but no thanks. Bye!