On teacher cruelty in university

It has become very fashionable in pundit circles to write newspaper op-ed pieces decrying the fragility of special snowflakes currently studying in universities across North America. In true reactionary fashion, these pundits critique demands for greater commitment to social justice on campus, accommodation of PTSD via trigger warnings, and other disability accommodations via Accessibility Services. 😞

None of these thinkpieces was ever worth writing -- their authors all miss the point so badly that they might as well be in another galaxy. So one day recently, I sat down to try to write my own debunking of this entire category of newspaper columnist crap. Then, by pure coincidence, I noticed a truly brilliant essay on twitter that had already achieved my goal, by Indigenous scholar and writer Daniel Heath Justice. My recommendation for all university teachers (and students advocating for change):-

Conservative reactionaries would do well to remember that snowflakes are the main ingredient in avalanches. ❄️