Relativity Theory II (2018-19) -- PHY484S/1484S

Calendar of events

Class Date Work due
1 M07Jan
2 R10Jan Read all course webpages
3 M14Jan
4 R17Jan Introduce yourself by email [1]
5 M21Jan
6 R24Jan
7 M28Jan
8 R31Jan
9 M04Feb
10 R07Feb HW1 (15%) due [2]
11 M11Feb
12 R14Feb
13 M25Feb HW2 (15%) due [2]
14 R28Feb
15 M04Mar
16 R07Mar
17 M11Mar
18 R14Mar HW3 (15%) due [2]
19 M18Mar
20 R21Mar
21 M25Mar
22 R28Mar
23 M01Apr* HW4 (15%) due
24 R04Apr
06-30Apr [3] Exam (40%)

[1] Send me an introductory email outlining a bit about yourself, what topics you are excited to learn about in this course, and what grade ballpark you are aiming for. Grad students should also describe their specific research interests. The purpose of this exercise is simply to help me do a better job of teaching you: answers will not be graded, and I will not be judgmental about them. But they will be very valuable, because I am teaching this course for the first time this year and prompt student feedback will be appreciated throughout.

[2] With each assignment, be sure to include (a) your academic integrity declaration form, and (b) your filled-out alphabets form so that the TA can decipher your handwriting. If you cannot find me to hand in an assignment, you can always hand it in at the Physics Undergraduate/Graduate Office during business hours. If you have chosen to be out of town when an assignment is due, you will need to arrange to send a PDF scan of your work by email. (Barrel-distorted partly-out-of-focus cellphone images will not suffice.) If you write in pencil, please use HB or darker, and turn up the contrast on the scanner.

[3] For PHY484S, details of final exam scheduling cannot be posted here: UofT regulations forbid it. Instead, please refer directly to the Arts & Science exam timetable. For PHY1484S, the final exam will also occur during 06-30Apr.

* No, this is not an April Fool! :D