Oral Presentations

In the last week of the semester, we will not hold a regular seminar class. Instead, students will give a series of short presentations on a variety of modern physics topics. For now, all you need to do is to email me your top three preferences for what you would like to present by the Feb.06 deadline. Once you have let me know your preferences, I will confirm your topic. Then you can start exploring your confirmed topic anytime after that, under my guidance.

List of topics

1How do ocean tides work?
2What is known about extrasolar planets?
3How do Star Trek/Star Wars tractor beams violate known laws of physics?
4What causes the Doppler effect, and how does it differ for sound vs light?
5What facts convinced Maxwell that electricity and magnetism are inherently related?
6How does a microwave oven work?
7Why is the Death Star in Star Wars science fantasy?
8What are the Van Allen belts and what is an aurora?
9Why did the bending of light by the sun experiment in 1919 make Einstein rock-star famous?
10Why was the Physics Nobel 1993 awarded for binary pulsars?
11What is gravitational time dilation and how does GPS work?
12Why was the Physics Nobel 2017 awarded to the founders of the LIGO collaboration?
13How do Star Trek wormholes violate known laws of physics?
14Why was the Physics Nobel 1996 awarded for superfluidity in Helium-3?
15Why was the Physics Nobel 1997 awarded for laser cooling and trapping of atoms?
16Why was the Physics Nobel 2001 awarded for Bose-Einstein condensation?
17What are nuclear fission and fusion, and why are they sources of energy?
18Where do cosmic rays come from, and what happens when they bang into the atmosphere?
19Why was the Physics Nobel 2015 awarded for neutrino mass?
20What is the fate of our Sun?
21What drives a supernova explosion?
22Why was the Physics Nobel 2006 awarded for cosmic microwave background radiation?
23Why was the Physics Nobel 2011 awarded for supernovae and cosmic acceleration?
24 What is the multiverse?
25 Why did Stephen Hawking concede a major scientific bet about black holes to John Preskill in 2004?