Getting help

Office hours

I hold office hours every week on Wednesdays after class, from 16:00-17:45h in my office MP1118, located on the 11th floor of MP building. Please feel welcome to drop by anytime during that timeframe to discuss any course-related issue. If you are regularly unable to attend during those hours, please contact me to book a private appointment.

Deadlines and accommodations

Please read my policy on deadlines, accommodations, and extensions carefully.

General advice

If you find yourself struggling to complete work assigned by the due date, please feel free to talk to me in office hours or in a private appointment or on Skype/FaceTime about how I can help. I try really hard to not be scary one-on-one, and to be understanding of how life can intrude on our scholarly plans. In the past ten-plus years of teaching first-year breadth courses, I have moved minor mountains to accommodate exigent personal circumstances of my students, so your likelihood of getting a fair hearing is very good. If something bad suddenly happens to you, such as an illness, injury, bereavement or other difficult life event, then please reach out and seek help. The student Health and Wellness Centre is one good place to start.

In distress?

If you are currently feeling distressed, please go here:-