General Code of Conduct

Courtesy, Respect, and Inclusiveness

In a First Year Foundations course, students are expected to talk during class. This might seem like a strange idea, but I assure you: it is an absolutely great learning opportunity and you should run with it.

As the professor, I work to ensure that everyone gets to make valuable contributions to the intellectual life of our seminar class -- regardless of their communication style or their academic background.

A few basic ground rules help to ensure courtesy, respect, and inclusiveness.

I enforce my classroom code of conduct fairly and even-handedly. The vast majority of the time I do not have to do anything at all. But when a disruption does occur, I deal with it quickly and appropriately and I do my best to save face for all parties. If a student has a concern about my fairness, I listen, and respond appropriately.

Oral Presentations

The above Code of Conduct for classroom discussions is extended by one further rule during student Oral Presentations:-