Modern Physics for the Curious

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Have you wondered about the origin and workings of the natural world around us? Have you found physical science interesting but inaccessible because it was too full of math and jargon? Have you felt a pull to become more science-literate? If so this seminar course is for you -- or for anyone interested in understanding more about the universe, including our planet, seen through the lens of modern physics.

Ideas on the menu will include: particle physics, space and time, relativity, black holes, quantum physics, big bang cosmology, and the theory of everything. The intriguing story of these integrated phenomena unfolds over a wide range of distance and time scales.

No prior experience with physical science will be required, but familiarity with Grade 10 mathematics will be assumed. Students from diverse academic backgrounds are warmly welcome.

Important Things

Discussion-based seminar classes are held on Wednesdays from 14:10-16:00h in MP606, which is in McLennan Physics (MP) building. Office hours will be held after class on Wednesdays from 16:00-17:45h in my office, MP1118.


Announcements will be listed here in reverse chronological order to make the latest ones easiest to find.