Critiques of Jordan B. Peterson's ideas

In September 2016, JBP launched himself to fame and fortune (e.g. on Patreon) by going on a public transphobia bender. He attacked trans and nonbinary people, as well as other marginalized groups that conservatives like to pick on. I was one of the first to publically counter him.

In late 2017, JBP published a self-help book aimed at the alt-right market and went on a book tour. Here is a curated list of critiques of his scholarship, strategy, and ideology, listed chronologically by author. I have carefully studied each one.

If you only have time to read a few of them, perhaps try those by (in alphabetical order): Houman Barekat, Noah Berlatsky, Jacob Hamburger, Marina Hyde, Hari Kunzru, Nora Loreto, Kate Manne, Pankaj Mishra, Nathan J. Robinson, Bernard Schiff, and John Semley.

(See also: Noah Berlatsky's page and @killmeohana's page.)

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  2. Brenda Cossman: Bill C-16 – No, its Not about Criminalizing Pronoun Misuse (SDS Blog, mid.Oct.2016)
  3. Tamara Khandaker: No, the Trans Rights Bill Doesn’t Criminalize Free Speech (Vice, 24.Oct.2016)
  4. Alexander Offord: The Intellectual Fraudulence of Jordan Peterson (apropos of Daniel Karasik) (Alexander Offord blog, 14.Nov.2016)
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  10. Daniel Heath Justice: Demanding Kinder Classrooms Doesn't Make You a Snowflake (The Walrus, 23.Aug.2017)
  11. Morgane Oger: Peterson’s Petulance Problem (Morgane Oger blog, 12.Nov.2017)
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  30. Paul Thagard: Jordan Peterson's Flimsy Philosophy of Life (Psychology Today, 14.Feb.2018)
  31. Grant Maxwell: Why Are So Many Young Men Drawn to Jordan Peterson’s Intellectual Misogyny? (American Philosophical Association blog, 20.Feb.2018)
  32. Josh Horwitz: An anti-Marxist, pro-free speech YouTuber is gaining a following in China (Quartz, 23.Feb.2018)
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