A.W. Peet's personal contact details

[Stylized cartoon of Amanda Peet's face]

The following information is for people seeking to contact me for personal reasons. I welcome contact from people with decent ethics, and encourage both brevity and clarity of purpose in a first communication.


+1 416 561 0579

Toronto timezone

Time in Toronto:

I prefer to receive personal calls during 1800-2100 weekdays or during 0900-2100 on weekends.

No-harassment policy

Being a public intellectual does not make me public property. I do not tolerate abuse or harassment of any kind, online or offline. If it occurs, I block/blacklist and report the aggressor to all available authorities. Here are three examples of unacceptable behaviour.

  1. After I spoke up publically against brazen transphobia from another UofT professor, his fans harassed me on the basis of my gender identity for weeks via twitter, email, SMS, and phone. Gender-based harassment is illegal in Ontario: see Section 7.4 of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Policy on Preventing Discrimination Because of Gender Identity and Gender Expression.
  2. Some dude in the USA stalked me online and harassed me for over four years on twitter, starting circa 2009. I blocked well over 250 of his accounts before I lost count. His pattern is to take potshots couched as grandiose criticisms of my perceived behaviour. He later restarted his harassment by email in December 2015. My hypothesis is that this guy was trying to get revenge for me besting him in a competition existing solely in his own mind.
  3. Some dude in Germany stalked me online after seeing a livestreamed public lecture I gave, and in April 2016 sent a long and extremely intrusive fan email to my university account. In it, he tried to insert himself into my personal life and declared a fetish for my gender identity. He apparently lives under the misapprehension that I and others he obsesses about online exist for his consumption and enjoyment. Get a better hobby!