A.W. Peet's personal contact details

[Stylized cartoon of Amanda Peet's face]

The following information is intended for folks I might want to hear from personally. Please use this page instead if you would like to contact me about physics- or university-related matters.

Please note: I answer personal emails on a space-available basis. Long-term chronic pain makes typing unduly difficult for me, so sometimes there may be an extended delay if you seek a response more substantive than 3-5 sentences. If you seek discussion of a topic that interests both of us, I will most likely propose a video chat to fill the gap, because verbal interaction is very cheap for me while typing is extremely expensive. For those who cannot manage synchronous audio/visual communication, I am willing to recruit asymmetric methods, such as me talking and the other person typing, via Skype, as an anti-ableist measure.

No-harassment policy

I do not tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind. If it occurs, I block, blacklist, and report the aggressor to pertinent authorities.

Here are two particularly egregious examples of unsolicited communications from strangers.


+1 416 561 0579
1800-2100 Mon-Fri, 0900-2100 Sat-Sun
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