A.W. Peet's personal contact details

The contact details below are for people I might want to hear from about non-academic matters. For academic matters, please refer to this page instead.

Response speed

♿️ Note: I answer personal emails intermittently, when lulls in my job activity allow. Long-term chronic pain (from sports injuries) means that typing more than a few sentences is expensive for me, whereas talking in-person or via audio/video chat is cheap. Please bear this mind when requesting some of my personal time for discussing matters of common interest. Please also know that I will do my best to take your communication constraints into account as well.

No-harassment policy

I do not tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind. If it occurs, I block, blacklist, and report the aggressor to pertinent authorities.

Here are two particularly egregious examples of unsolicited communications from strangers.

Contact details

Do not contact me with argumentative personal opinions about gender or social justice. Take those urges and vent them elsewhere.

+1 416 561 0579
1800-2100 Mon-Fri or 1200-2100 Sat-Sun
Current Time in Toronto: