The following information is intended for currently enrolled UofT students. If you are someone else, please go here instead.

Contact info

Snail mail: Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 60 St George Street, Toronto ON, Canada M5S 1A7.

Office: MP 1118 -- McLennan Physics 1118, on 11th floor of tall Burton Tower wing of MP building.

E-mail: aw{dot}peet{at}utoronto{dot}ca

Phone: +1 416 978 3911

Skype/FaceTime: by email appointment only.

Etiquette tips

If you want my help with something that has a deadline, the earlier you ask in advance the more likely I am to be able to find time to help you. In particular, I need a minimum of three weeks' notice to write a recommendation letter.
Dropping by
To avoid disappointment when dropping by my office, please book an appointment by email. First, check my regular weekly schedule to find out when I might be available. Then indicate in your email all times/days when you are available in the relevant week.
Aim for clarity and brevity: consider the five.sentenc.es policy.
How to Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF).
If you plan to phone, be clear about what you want from me before picking up the handset. Jot down some brief notes on what you plan to ask, so as not to forget anything. To begin the call, briefly state your name and university affiliation (e.g. Hi, it's Kayla speaking, I'm in your UofT 199 class). Then briefly summarize your reason for calling.
I prefer to receive business calls during business hours (0900-1700h Monday-Friday, Canadian Eastern time), but in urgent circumstances you may call 0900-2100h seven days a week.