The idea of having the following essays online is to reach a wider range of people than is feasible in-person.

Advice essays for different audiences

Career resources

What next?

University of Toronto students and prospective UofT students may contact me to make an appointment for further advising as appropriate.

Students at other universities should seek advice from their local faculty members.

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For the general public: I offer essays and links as pull advice, in the form of well-considered essays and archived presentations accessible via the web. This and my other outreach work is a gift to the public. Please do not dishonour the gift by demanding more when it is not offered. In particular, please note that I am not a free on-tap online physics advising service. Kindly do not push on me further demands on my time, by email or otherwise: I am busy enough teaching and researching et cetera at the University of Toronto - and having a life.

Good luck in following up on your scientific curiosity; I hope these pages helped you on your way, and thank you for your interest.