How to get my name and pronouns right

Hi. I am a nonbinary transgender person. Under section 7.4 of the Ontario Human Rights Code policy on preventing discrimination because of gender identity and gender expression, I have the right to be known by my self-identified name and my proper personal pronoun. I am requesting that you respect this civil right.

  1. My first name is A.W., pronounced eh-dubya. Please use this in all situations that do not require my full legal name.
  2. My honorific is Dr. or Prof., not Sir or Ma'am. For something less formal, try friend or sib (short for sibling).
  3. My pronoun is they/them/their/themself. The singular they has been in use in English for centuries -- it is not a neologism. If confused about whether to use the singular or plural form of verbs, just go with whatever sounds the least clumsy. Examples:-

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