Relativity Theory I (2017-18) -- PHY483F/1483F

Calendar of events

Class # Lecture dates Tutorials Work given Work due
1 R07Sep = first day of term F08Sep read whole course website
2,3 M11Sep, R14Sep F15Sep
4,5 M18Sep, R21Sep F22Sep HW1 given R21Sep Email me a hello by R21Sep [1]
6,7 M25Sep, R28Sep F29Sep
8,9 M02Oct, R05Oct F06Oct HW2 given R05Oct HW1 (10%) due R05Oct
10 [Thanksgiving], R12Oct F13Oct
11,12 M16Oct, R19Oct F20Oct study for midterm HW2 (10%) due R19Oct
13,14 M23Oct, R26Oct F27Oct
15,16 M30Oct, R02Nov F03Nov HW3 given R02Nov Midterm (20%) R02Nov (8-10pm in SS1071) [2]
[none; M06-F10Nov is Reading Week]
17,18 M13Nov, R16Nov F17Nov HW4 given R16Nov HW3 (10%) due R16Nov
19,20 M20Nov, R23Nov F24Nov
21,22 M27Nov, R30Nov F01Dec focus on final exam HW4 (10%) due R30Nov
23,24 M04Dec, R07Dec [makeup M] --
Final exam (35%) [3]

[1] Send me a brief email outlining a bit about yourself, why you are interested in GR, and your future physics plans. The purpose of this is simply to help me do a better job of teaching you -- it will not be graded.

[2] The midterm date has been chosen to (a) not be the same week as the GRE [S28Oct] and (b) not conflict with sabbaths or with Diwali [R19Oct].

[3] Final exam period is 09-20Dec. Details of our final exam cannnot be posted here because doing so is expressly forbidden by UofT regulations. Please refer directly to the Arts & Science exam timetable.