Relativity Theory I (2017-18) -- PHY483F/1483F

Contact the Prof.

Here are four ways to contact me:-

Office hours: TBA, in MP1118 (on 11th floor of Burton Tower wing of MP building, opposite Ladies' WC

Email: aw{dot}peet{at}utoronto{dot}ca

Phone: +1-416-978-3911

Skype/FaceTime: by email appointment only

Helpful tips

What to call me
Many students feel uncomfortable addressing university professors by our first names (mine is A.W.). I encourage all students, both undergraduate and graduate, to call me Prof. Peet or Dr. Peet.
Note: I am trans and I do not appreciate being misgendered. Consult this handy guide to avoid doing it wrong.
When to ask for help
If you want help with something that has a deadline, the earlier you ask in advance the more likely a professor is to be able to find time for you. Make my weekly office hours your first port of call.
Who else to ask for help
The TA is there for you as well, and sometimes you may prefer to see him. He handles tutorials and grading, and will hold an office hour before each homework/midterm/final exam due date (6 in total).
The Physics Undergraduate Office on the 3rd floor of MP Burton Tower is a great resource, e.g. for questions about course/programme selection. Treat the administrative staff respectfully: they are also highly trained professionals.
Private appointments
If you cannot get what you need during my regular office hours, then please use email to book a private appointment to chat with me in person, on Skype/FaceTime, or on the phone. I promise: I am not scary one-on-one, and I do not bite! :D
Booking a private half-hour in-person appointment with me requires advance notice of a minimum of a few days, because I am rarely available on short notice. I can usually squeeze in a phone call or Skype/FaceTime video more quickly, though.
To book an appointment, take a careful look at my regular weekly schedule, and then email me with desired appointment timeframes. Indicate all feasible options Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, as your first choice may not be available. I will reply by email confirming the day/time of our private appointment.
Phone etiquette
I prefer to receive business calls during business hours: 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday. In urgent circumstances, you may call during 09:00-21:00 seven days a week. If you call during 21:00-09:00, it had better be a bona fide emergency.
Be clear about what you want from me before picking up the phone. To begin the call, briefly state your name, the fact that you are a UofT student in my GR class, and your purpose in calling.
Email etiquette
If you have any questions about the course material, please do not expect them to be answered over email. Instead, I encourage you to talk with me one-on-one. I have at least three good reasons for this policy.
  1. Email is an intellectually inefficient medium for discussion of advanced concepts because it is asynchronous.
  2. Most students do not know how to type GR equations into their email. Even if you do, sending bunches of LaTeX back and forth is far less efficient than just chatting together at a blackboard.
  3. I have nontrivial typing disabilities from permanent chronic pain, and it is cruel to make me type when it is not strictly necessary. Verbal discussion is much preferred -- in person, over the phone, or on Skype/FaceTime video. Thank you for your understanding.