A.W. Peet's professional contact details

I am a Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto (UofT) in Canada. The contact details below are for people I might want to hear from about academic matters. For non-academic matters, please refer to this page instead.

Who gets priority

Please note that being a public intellectual does not make me public property. In particular, I do not provide on-demand tutoring or advice (free or paid) to members of the general public. Folks seeking advice or academic opportunities should check out my physics home page and advice pages before contacting me to ask for something.

Priority list:-

  1. Currently enrolled UofT students, especially those taking courses I am teaching.
  2. Journalists.
  3. Physics researchers, especially gravitational string theorists.
  4. Folks working towards a more pluralistic inclusive environment on campus.
  5. Prospective UofT students.
  6. Folks of all ages interested in physics enrichment or in becoming a theoretical physicist.

No-harassment policy

I do not tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind. If it occurs, I block, blacklist, and report the aggressor to pertinent authorities. Here are three examples of unacceptable communications from strangers.

Contact details

Do not contact me with
(a) commercial solicitations or
(b) argumentative personal opinions about gender or campus inclusion.
My university email and phone are for non-commercial academic business only.

Prof. A.W. Peet
Department of Physics
University of Toronto
60 St. George Street
Toronto   ON
Canada   M5S 1A7
+1 416 978 3911
0900-1800 Mon-Fri (0900-2100 Mon-Sun if urgent)
Current Time in Toronto: