A.W. Peet's professional contact details

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The following details are for people wanting to contact me to discuss physics or university matters. I welcome contact from people with decent ethics, and encourage both brevity and clarity of purpose in a first communication. University of Toronto students get top priority and journalists get second priority; all other enquiries get answered as time and inclination permit.

Please use this page instead if you would like to contact me for personal reasons.


Physics home page
Office address
Prof. A.W. Peet
Department of Physics
University of Toronto
60 St. George Street
Toronto   ON
Canada   M5S 1A7
Office phone
+1 416 978 3911
Private phone
+1 416 561 0579
Office email

Toronto timezone

Time in Toronto:

I prefer to receive business calls during business hours: 0900-1700 Monday to Friday. In urgent circumstances, you may call during 0900-2100 seven days a week.

No-harassment policy

Being a public intellectual does not make me public property. I do not tolerate abuse or harassment of any kind, online or offline. If it occurs, I block/blacklist and report the aggressor to all available authorities. Here are three examples of unacceptable behaviour.

  1. After I spoke up publically against brazen transphobia from another UofT professor, his fans harassed me on the basis of my gender identity for weeks via twitter, email, SMS, and phone. Gender-based harassment is illegal in Ontario: see Section 7.4 of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Policy on Preventing Discrimination Because of Gender Identity and Gender Expression.
  2. A person with disordered thinking harassed me by telephone for several years. This is why my university phone line does not have voicemail: they would fill it with garbage. The harassment escalated into a physical assault in my office and a recorded death threat. I feared for my safety, contacted police, and asked that charges be laid. The person was sufficiently ill that they were diverted to a treatment programme. They are still banned from entering the Physics building, despite repeated attempts to lift the ban.
  3. In multiple independent cases, pushy parents encouraged their kid to write to me expecting help with a science fair project. When I said no because I was too busy, the parents got angry and super abusive. One parent even reported me for not helping his kid to my Department Chair and to the Provost (the university's chief academic officer)! I mean, come on. Professors like me already have a 100% full dance card, and we cannot just drop every worthy person and project in our queues to help random kids on the internet. It would be lovely if that were practical, but we do not live in Fantasyland.